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Hello, my name is Krisztina

I'm a generational expert, spiritual teacher, and energy healer who supports visionary women.

My mission is to unlock your divine potential so you can level-up in your personal and professional life.

Areas of Expertise

Personal Development, Energy Healing Generational Patterns, Self-employment Success

Krisztina Simon Solutions is a unique energy healing business that supports purposeful women to create an unlimited life. This holistic approach combines spiritual techniques and teachings to help people to let go of the past gracefully and create a new soulful future.


Provides Theta Healing and self-development courses, as well as support VIP clients to create long lasting changes in their life. Krisztina is passionate about helping women to discover their divine power, to reach their career goals, and to live a life of joy and abundance.

Studying at Home
“Krisztina is amazing with her downloads and other healing techniques such as cutting old patterns and beliefs. I found her very useful for my needs, I slept so well and had a great day the following day.”



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+36 30 316 9228

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