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Image by Jared Subia

Areas of Expertise


I'm a self-made entrepreneur who followed her heart's desire to teach others and help them to create their best life by releasing old patterns and beliefs. From odd jobs, through corporate positions I became a self employed spiritual teacher, energy healer & family constellations expert in full time.


I was taught by Vianna Stibal the founder of ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge. My further holistic trainings were based on both ancient knowledge and modern scientific knowledge. All of my methods are powerful individually but the way I combined them give you an incomparable opportunity to grow. It means your life transformation journey won’t just sound fancy but results will last.


My courses and healing sessions have unlocked so many women's hidden potential and let their business thrive. So your mesaurable results are my top priorities. Working with me you can achieve them with ease and joy.

My (Secret) Mission

My mission is to unlock women's divine potential so they can level-up in their personal and professional life. It means: when you start to work with me you're not just an ordinary woman anymore. You're a prescious, hidden gem, in the careful hands of a jeweler. Do you know why?

Because your Soul brought you here on purpose. It's already knows that you can be the most brightest gem in the galaxy. And what does a diamond need to shine? An experienced and visionary jeweler who can see the hidden potential. An expert who can make a crown jewel from it.


That's why I'm here to help you realize your grander vision and to provide the support you need to make it a reality. I believe that everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves and to manifest the life they desire. My passion is to support you in stepping out of the shadow and into the light. By tapping into divine guidance, I am able to help you let your light shine and to fulfill your Soul's mission.

Raw Diamond
My Approach
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