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Blue Sapphire

For ambitious women who are ready to experience their true divine power and realize their desires. Free yourself from your past and create an outstanding future.


It's time to thrive and create your life in a joyful and easy way.

This 8 weeks program was created for purposeful women who are ready to let go the past, enjoy the present and manifest the future.

During our 1to1 healing sessions we will focus on core topics which can hold you back. Be aware: huge growth in your self-esteem and self-confidence is expected!

Image by Roberto Nickson

Helping you move forward in life with self-love, self-esteem, and an end to all emotional struggles. With my support and guidance, you'll rapidly leave feeling of abandonment behind and develop the ability to create a healthier emotional life.

Healing your inner child let you gain the freedom and independence and know your worth. I can help you through the process which can cause you unexpected positive changes in your relationships and your career.

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You deserve a thriving life without any drama. Releasing inherited family patterns can unlock your hidden potential and activate your new financial reality. You can be loyal to your ancestors and achieve your goals at the same time.

This offer helps you to develop your courage naturally, focus on the positive things, and grow without self-sabotage or unnecessary fear - allowing you to liberate yourself and lay the foundations for a brighter future.


Inclued in the 8 weeks program


Powerful Tools

This package is your opportunity to unlock your extraordinary life and activate your divine power. Through various healing techniques, you will be guided to unlock your full potential as a VIP client. My experience will provide the structure and support you need to discover your power and reach your goals with ease and joy.

Image by Greg Rakozy

Personalized Channeling

Personalized solutions for healing are designed to help you embark on a life-changing journey. My focus is on your personal story and I support you with divine guidance to identify and release subconscious patterns that may be holding you back. My healing process is designed to help you open up to greater possibilities and reveal your true potential.

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Bonus Content

Experience the healing power of meditation and learn how to connect with yourself on a deeper level. Through my guided meditations, you'll be able to release the past and create a better future. As an added bonus, I offer you additional content such as mindset shifts, receiving new visions, and energetic downloads to further support your healing journey.


Are you ready for your new life?

Liberate yourself from your past and create an outstanding future.
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